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Package Details
  • Biannual exterior detailing & polishing for showroom brilliance.
  • Each 6-hour session meticulously cleans, washes, and decontaminates your car.
  • Comprehensive interior detailing included, reaching every nook and cranny.
  • Precise polishing enhances color depth and restores shine.
  • Expert interior surface polishing for a fresh look.
  • Thorough germ cleaning for a super clean, hygienic cabin.

Price Starts From

₹ 13,800*

Pampering Your Car To Revive Your Love Story!

Get in touch with our experts who are here to guide you through the process. Your car is in safe hands as long it is being treated “the Finora way”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Finora Car Care offer?

Finora Car Care provides a wide range of car care services, including detailing, car dent repair and painting, scratch repair, accessories upgrades, and more. Our services are designed to keep your vehicle in top condition.

How do I book an appointment for car care services?

Booking an appointment with Finora Car Care is easy. You can either call our hotline or fill out a form on our website. We’ll be happy to schedule a convenient time for you.

What types of detailing services do you offer?

Our detailing services include interior and exterior detailing, ceramic coating, PPF coating, paint correction, and more. We have various packages to suit your specific needs.

Can you handle both regular and luxury vehicles?

Absolutely! Finora Car Care is equipped to handle all types of vehicles, from everyday cars to luxury and high-end vehicles. Our technicians are trained to work on a wide range of makes and models.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, cash, and mobile payment options. You can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Are your technicians certified and experienced?

Yes, our technicians are highly trained, certified, and experienced in car care services. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship.

What sets Finora Car Care apart from other car care service providers?

Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction set us apart. We use the latest technology and the best products to ensure your vehicle receives the care it deserves.

What are the benefits of ceramic coating for my car?

Ceramic coating provides a protective layer that enhances your car’s shine, makes it easier to clean, and offers excellent protection against environmental contaminants. It can also reduce the risk of minor scratches and swirl marks.

Do you offer Paint Protection Film (PPF) coating for cars?

Yes, Finora Car Care provides Paint Protection Film (PPF) installation services. PPF is an excellent way to safeguard your car’s paint from rock chips, scratches, and other road debris.

How long does a PPF coating typically last, and is it removable?

PPF coatings can last for several years, depending on the quality of the film and how well it’s maintained. It is removable without damaging the original paint, making it a versatile choice for protecting your car.