About Product

Waxoyl Graphene Coating – To Create Beyond Ordinary, Because You Are.

Embracing Graphene elegance, we’re the dream weavers of car care services. The hexagonal molecules of Waxoyl Graphene Crystal Coating form a super-hard but still flexible non-stick crystal protector that protects your car from damage caused by insects, dirt, chemicals, UV radiation, and other harmful environmental factors. The nano-particulate graphene layer leaves a rich, recessed glass/gloss sheen. Waxoyl Graphene Crystal Coating has higher hydrophobicity and more scratch-resistant properties than conventional coatings. This means less swirl, dirt, water spots, and extreme dust repellency, making washing easier and less frequent.

A single application of Waxoyl Graphene Crystal Coating creates a durable, permanent bond that provides exceptional long-term protection for 3 or more years.