FlexiShield PPF

In the realm of vehicle protection, FlexiShield Paint Protection Film stands as an innovative marvel, seamlessly blending style with substance. At its core, cutting-edge TPU technology combines elasticity, transparency, and resistance to stains and abrasions. What sets FlexiShield apart is its unique ability to reseal and heal itself, ensuring your vehicle’s exterior remains pristine. It seals and protects against scratches, road hazards, UV rays, corrosion, bird droppings, and weather damage. Finora Car Care’s FlexiShield PPF coat has all your needs covered with a durable construction, a high-gloss clear finish, and a 10-year comprehensive warranty.

FlexiShield WSH:

Meet FlexiShield WSH, a heavyweight champion with a 7.5 mil thickness, wrapped in a premium PPF coat—an impenetrable shield against stains and damages. What sets it apart? Thermal self-healing capabilities, ensuring enduring protection.

FlexiShield STH:

FlexiShield STH, a 6.5 mil thick paint protection film mirroring the resilience of its sibling, PSH, offers toughness and aesthetic enhancement. Imagine a shield that not only protects but enhances your vehicle’s visual appeal—high-tech performance and comprehensive protection.

FlexiShield Defender (DFR):

FlexiShield Defender (DFR), crafted from robust and crystal-clear PET, isn’t just a protection film; it’s a fortress for your windshield. Picture a shield standing tall against high-speed projectiles, ensuring an unscathed windshield. With DFR, say goodbye to worries and distractions caused by windshield damage—no more inconvenient replacements or distracting cracks stealing your focus while driving. Experience the ultimate in PPF coat protection with FlexiShield by Finora Car Care.


Top Coating




Smooth, High
Gloss Finish




Water Repellent

A Tough Defense Against the Harsh Road
FlexiShield Paint Protection products are self-healing and heat curable because of a flexible component in the film, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This class of films have many chemically enhanced properties including elasticity, transparency, stain and abrasion resistance. A combination of hard and soft co-polymers reacts to rebind and retain their shape causing these PPF films to reseal and heal themselves.