EGR Cleaning

Revolutionize your car’s maintenance with TUNAP XGel cleaning technology. Swiftly eliminating carbon contamination, it’s sustainable, cost-effective, and doesn’t require part replacements. Ideal for cleaning exhaust and intake system components, its unique XGel formula dissolves carbons rapidly. With superior adhesion and wetting properties, it ensures swift and thorough dirt removal, keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

Valve Cleaning

Discover the simplicity of TUNAP’s advanced cleaning system. Engineered for easy use, it swiftly eliminates valve deposits without intricate disassembly. The microflex® 933 Valve Cleaning Granulate ensures a thorough, non-abrasive cleanse, while the microflex® 936 neutralization solution dissolves residual particles, preventing engine damage. It’s not just efficient; it’s cost-effective, saving time and money. Experience superior valve cleaning without the complexity.

DPF Cleaning (Restore & Not Replace)

Effortless DPF cleaning is now possible with our nonflammable, metal-free cleaning liquid and rinsing solution. Developed and patented by TUNAP, our process doesn’t require time-consuming DPF removal. Experience cleaning without disassembling, with a neutral, residue-free, and material-compatible solution. Enjoy a hassle-free, efficient maintenance experience for your diesel particulate filter.

Injector Cleaning & Protection

Enhance fuel system care with TUNAP and Finora Car Care for a greener, cost-efficient driving experience. Our advanced cleaning products reduce emissions and fuel consumption, benefiting the environment and your finances. Fewer repairs mean lower maintenance costs, offering substantial financial advantages. Enjoy a smoother driving experience with our eco-friendly, budget-friendly solutions. Drive confidently with TUNAP and Finora’s fuel system care.

Discover the fuel products of our microflex® engine efficiency series in the video

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