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Finora’s CARDIP Spray on PPF

Revitalize your car’s look while safeguarding the factory paint from stone chips and scratches, all thanks to Cardip’s peelable paint films. Dive into Cardip’s cutting-edge technology, offering sprayable and removable paint films that blend the best of both paint and foil. Whether it’s individual vehicle parts or the entire car, Cardip ensures seamless and comprehensive coverage. Elevate your car’s aesthetics and protection with Cardip’s innovative peelable paint films, setting new standards in PPF coating for cars.

Finora’s Flexishield PPF

Embark on a protective journey with FlexiShield U.S.A., introduced in India by Finora Car Care. Our premier paint protection films (PPF) act as a shield against the elements, with pre-cut kits for vulnerable areas. FlexiShield’s flexible design and repositionable adhesives make installation a breeze. Elevate your car’s defense with FlexiShield—setting new standards in PPF coating for cars.


Seamless Paint


Matte or High
Gloss Finish


Self Healing



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