Revitalize Your Engine with TUNAP's Valve Cleaning Excellence!.

Valve Clean Technology: Clean Valves Without Dismantling:

Say goodbye to the hassle of dismantling! TUNAP’s Valve Clean Technology ensures quick and easy valve cleaning without the need to remove the cylinder head. Our microflex® 933 valve cleaning granulate, paired with compressed air, effectively cleans contaminated or coked valves without leaving any residues or damage. The process is completed with the suction of detached impurities and used granules, followed by the dissolution of any remaining residues using the microflex® 936 neutralization solution.

Clean Valves without Dismantling in the Video

Advantages of TUNAP Valve Cleaning:

  • check-mark Efficiency: Quick and easy valve cleaning without dismantling the cylinder head.
  • check-mark Material-Friendly: Our cleaning process is gentle on surfaces, ensuring no damage to the valves.
  • check-mark Time Savings: Experience a 70% reduction in cleaning time without the need for disassembly.
  • check-mark Cost Savings: Save around 2,000 EUR, providing cost-effective solutions for end customers.
  • check-mark Health-Friendly Technology: Our valve clean technology is allergy-trigger-free, prioritizing your well-being.
  • check-mark Optimal Results: Achieve an optimal cleaning result with TUNAP's advanced cleaning techniques.

Contaminated Valves: Problems, Causes, and Solutions!


Loss of performance, increased fuel consumption, and rough idling are symptoms of valve deposits and contamination.


Unfavorable driving habits, frequent short trips, stop-and-go traffic, and increasing bio ingredients in fuel worsen valve conditions.


Choose quick cleaning over hours of disassembly work! TUNAP’s Valve Clean System efficiently removes valve deposits, saving motorists significant sums.
Signs of Dirty or Coked Valves:

  • Misfire
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Loss of engine power
  • Rough idle

TUNAP Valve Cleaning Process:

  • Dismantling: Intake manifold and attachments are dismantled.
  • Cleaning: Valves are irradiated and cleaned with our advanced cleaning granulate.
  • Suction: Used granulate and impurities are efficiently sucked off.
  • Dissolution: Residues and coking are dissolved using the neutralization solution.

Optimal Cleaning Result:

Our granulate’s impact releases the surface tension of deposits on the inlet valves and surrounding ducts. The gentle loosening of coking and dirt ensures optimal cleaning results without damaging the valves or the engine.

Health-Friendly and Allergy-Free:

TUNAP’s valve cleaning not only leads to optimal results but is also health-friendly, free from allergy-causing substances.