Cardip Paint Film Is A Must
For Every Sports Car

Adding exclusive aesthetics and robust protection. This liquid film adheres seamlessly, wrapping around complex contours and adhering to modern materials like carbon plastic, making it ideal for car wrapping on sports cars.

Styling Your Sports Car With
An Ultimate Shield

Not only the body, but CARDIP spray films work seamlessly on individual components as well. This helps bring out the prominence in other components of the car as well.

Striking Shapes

abstract-shape 1

Striking Colors

Design your rims with the highest quality pigments of our spray film.

Sports Car Paint

Low-profile design close to the ground combined with high speeds – a sports car is particularly stressed by stones and the like. Without sharp cuts and absolutely seamless, we protect the world’s strongest cars – with the world’s strongest paint protection for carbon and paint. Every surface can be designed and sealed absolutely invisibly with the highly transparent spray film in matt and high-gloss.

Tested according to DIN EN ISO 20567-1 – Multi-impact test for automotive coatings: Very good resistance to multiple stone impacts (0.5). Globally recognized, standardized test method for testing the stone impact resistance of vehicle coatings.