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Here at FINORA we make your vehicle uniquely yours, restyling your loved car so that each ride commands the spotlight empowering your identity. We understand your distinctiveness, and we're here to ensure your style is unmistakably yours – because in a world of imitations, you're the original.

About Product

Waxoyl Graphene Coating – To Create Beyond Ordinary, Because You Are.
Embracing Graphene elegance, we’re the dream weavers of car care services. The hexagonal molecules of Waxoyl Graphene Crystal Coating form a super-hard but still flexible non-stick crystal protector that protects your car from damage caused by insects, dirt, chemicals, UV radiation, and other harmful environmental factors. The nano-particulate graphene layer leaves a rich, recessed glass/gloss sheen. Waxoyl Graphene Crystal Coating has higher hydrophobicity and more scratch-resistant properties than conventional coatings. This means less swirl, dirt, water spots, and extreme dust repellency, making washing easier and less frequent.
A single application of Waxoyl Graphene Crystal Coating creates a durable, permanent bond that provides exceptional long-term protection for 3 or more years.


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