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Here at FINORA we make your vehicle uniquely yours, restyling your loved car so that each ride commands the spotlight empowering your identity. We understand your distinctiveness, and we're here to ensure your style is unmistakably yours – because in a world of imitations, you're the original.

About Product

The New Generation of Ceramic Coating For Premium Cars

Waxoyl Crystal Coating is designed to provide an additional high-gloss, sacrificial layer to your car’s paint just like a protective shield. With it, your car paint is more resistant to various external aggressions.

Waxoyl Crystal Coating offers your car a powerful protective shield. As a result, your car paint is more resistant to various external aggressions such as UV rays, acid rain or road salt.

Waxoyl Crystal Coating is only applied by our specialists at Finora Car Care who have been trained in this very particular and precise application process. The flawless application is paramount to guarantee a long-lasting treatment that will resist against all kinds of external aggressions, protect the car paint in the best way possible and satisfy all your demands.

With Waxoyl Crystal Coating, the level of your car’s paint protection will be at its highest.


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