Every modern vehicle series includes
safety enhancements.

Our near-series spray film protects heavily stressed vehicles and surfaces, offering defense against the sun and ice, stone chips, scratches, light parking mishaps, and even scratching fingernails. CARDIP spray film proves to be more robust than your original paint. Additionally, you can opt for an exclusive color to not only protect but also redefine your vehicle's appearance. It's all about imagination, not limitations.

Exterior Protection

CARDIP spray film enables individuality through versatile application possibilities, from the complete vehicle to the smallest details. For the look as well as for protection. Turn chrome into black, shine into matt and your vehicle into a unique one-of-a-kind.

The color of asphalt.
Strong grey matte with large
metallic pigments.

Paint Protection with Peelable Films

Seal your car's paint for permanent protection without compromising appearance. For daily protection from stones, scratches, soot and dirt. Like a second skin, CARDIP Spray Film adheres to your original paint and protects it with twice the thickness. In addition to individual areas, CARDIP spray film also protects complete vehicles and preserves the original paint - whether matte or high-gloss.

Tested according to DIN EN ISO 20567-1 - Multi-impact test for automotive coatings:
Very good resistance to multiple stone impacts (0.5).
Globally recognized, standardized test method for testing the stone impact resistance of vehicle coatings.