A Shield that dives straight into
nurturing every drive

Exterior Protection

Whether crystal-clear protection for intensive off-roading without scratches and stone chips, or the transformation into a unique model through explosive colors and high-quality surfaces - CARDIP spray film is a must-have for every SUV. CARDIP spray films can be used to protect your SUV in a variety of ways, either completely invisibly, with detailed individualization or completely redesigned. If any colour is possible - which one is yours?

Wheel spray film in Asphalt Grey Matte – a robust, matte grey infused with sizable metallic pigments, mirroring the steadfast hue of asphalt.

Full body Paint Protection Film

CARDIP® paint protection film establishes a highly transparent and efficient shield against stone chips and scratches on the prominent front of your SUV. The liquid paint protection spray (PPS) undergoes a meticulous multi-layer application, ensuring uniform and reliable protection across all surfaces of your SUV, with double the thickness of regular paint. Incorporated additives within the spray film offer a robust defense against UV-induced fading of the vehicle's paint.
Compliant with DIN EN ISO 20567-1 standards, our product has undergone a comprehensive multi-impact test for automotive coatings, showcasing excellent resilience to multiple stone impacts (0.5). This globally recognized and standardized test method is employed to assess the stone impact resistance of vehicle coatings, affirming the durability and protective efficacy of CARDIP® paint protection film.