Plastic, Vinyl, And Leather Repair

Say goodbye to unsightly cuffs, stains, and tears on your plastic, vinyl, and leather components with HBC System B1, a cutting-edge glue system designed to restore both the look and feel of your vehicle’s interior and exterior parts. This innovative system has been meticulously crafted to repair a wide range of damages in plastic, vinyl, and leather, offering a seamless solution for wear and tear, theft or vandalism, and even holes left behind by phone or GPS mounts.

Moreover, System B1 includes essential components such as cleaners, primers, and reinforcement materials. At Finora Car Care, we use these elements in harmony to prepare the damaged area, allowing for a perfect adhesion and a seamless repair process. Finora Car Care uses all the tools and materials required to complete your repair from start to finish, ensuring a professional and long-lasting result.