Protection & Care for Your Entire Fuel System

Injectors are the lifeblood of an internal combustion engine, and their optimal function requires regular maintenance and care. Enter TUNAP’s injector cleaning and protection solutions—innovative technologies that preserve the value of your fuel system and enhance driving performance. Our advanced cleaning techniques safeguard injector nozzles, ensuring they stay as fine as a hair, free from coking and deposits. From injector protection to fuel protection and LPG/CNG solutions, our offerings make vehicles ready for use quickly and affordably.

The Role of Injectors and Their Function:

Injectors, integral to the fuel injection system, play a crucial role in delivering the right fuel dose to engine cylinders at precise moments. A malfunctioning injection system can prevent your vehicle from starting. Deposits of bio-components on the injector needle are a common challenge.

Consequences of Neglecting Injector Cleaning:

Fuel selection has evolved into a complex science, with different legislations, advanced engine technology, and ambitious emissions standards. Chemical processes in the fuel system can lead to soiling, deposits, coking, and varnish on injectors, hindering their ability to deliver fuel effectively. The consequences include higher pollutant emissions, poor throttle response, performance degradation, increased consumption, uneven engine running, and premature wear of components—resulting in expensive part replacements.

Protection and Care of the Fuel System: Cleaning Instead of Replacing

TUNAP’s fuel system cleaning solutions effectively remove deposits and impurities, offering preventive or problem-specific products. Our innovative chemistry is paired with specific tool technology, delivering a range of benefits:

  • Reduced Emissions
  • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • Fewer Repairs and Workshop Visits
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

Discover the fuel products of our microflex® engine efficiency series in the video

When and How Often Should Injectors be Cleaned?

Once a Year: Use our injector direct cleaner products for diesel or petrol.
Next Tank Filling: Add our injector direct protection, repeating approximately every 5000 kilometers.
Insufficient Cleaning Effect: Use our injector intensive cleaner as needed.