Revitalize Your Car's Performance with TUNAP's Advanced EGR Cleaning Technology!

Say goodbye to declining engine performance, uneven running, and increased exhaust emissions! TUNAP introduces the revolutionary XGel Cleaning Technology, a cost-effective alternative to expensive parts replacement for your EGR valves and intake/exhaust system.

Key Features

  • check-mark (2) Economical Cleaning: TUNAP's XGel technology dissolves carbon-based contamination, providing a fair value solution that's both cost-effective and clever.
  • check-mark (2) Quick and Sustainable: No more waiting for new parts! Our cleaning gel, with its short exposure time, efficiently cleans EGR valves and related components in just 15 minutes, allowing for swift reinstallation.
  • check-mark (2) Visualizer for Precision: Achieve excellent surface wetting with our Visualizer technology, ensuring optimal cleaning results.
  • check-mark (2) Efficient Drainage Behavior: TUNAP's XGel ensures excellent drainage behavior, leaving your EGR system cleaner and more efficient.

EGR cleaning with the XGel Cleaning Technology in the video

Detecting EGR System Issues:

Signs of Trouble: Experience declining engine performance, irregular engine running, or heightened exhaust emissions? These are common indicators of dirty or stuck EGR valves and coked components in the intake/exhaust system.
EGR Cleaning Solution: TUNAP’s EGR cleaning process involves removing affected components (EGR valves, intake manifold, EGR cooler) and applying our specialized cleaning gel or foam. The cleaning agent effectively loosens carbon-containing dirt, with minimal exposure times (approximately 15 minutes) and optimal impurity resolution.
The Ultimate Solution: EGR cleaning with TUNAP’s XGel or XFoam Technology is the perfect remedy for carbon deposits in intake and exhaust components. It’s a fast, cost-effective, and sustainable solution that reduces consumption and emissions, eliminating the need for costly parts replacement.

EGR system cleaning in direct comparison.

Specialized Tools for Comprehensive Cleaning:

EGR Pressure Cup Gun: Our specially designed tool for cleaning larger components in the intake/exhaust areas. The HD-PE pressure cup ensures safe use of the cleaning foam, while the 5mm diameter EGR probe reaches even the most inaccessible areas. With a maximum inlet pressure of 6 bar, it guarantees optimal foam results (XFoam Technology).