Re-define your ride

CARDIP spray film is essential for every limousine. Once the potent pigments of the CARDIP spray film envelop the body, your vehicle transforms into an exclusive and protected one-of-a-kind car. The liquid film adheres meticulously to the components, creating a seamless protective coating.

Exterior Protection

A vehicle series's overall image is shaped by its brand color. Choose your preference—timeless in glossy black, dynamic in matte silver, or entirely personalized. Enhance it with CARDIP spray film for robust protection and a premium appearance in every detail, straight from the factory.

Design your rims with the highest quality pigments of our spray film.

Complete body Protection

Every vehicle is susceptible to stone chips, with low vehicles requiring robust protection for secure and swift travels. CARDIP® Spray Film creates a multi-layered, highly transparent film coating that absorbs over 90% of stones before reaching the original paint surface.

Compliant with DIN EN ISO 20567-1 standards, our product undergoes a thorough multi-impact test for automotive coatings, demonstrating excellent resistance to multiple stone impacts (0.5). This globally recognized, standardized test method validates the stone impact resistance of vehicle coatings.