Break Cleaner: Parts Cleaning Using the TUN Solve® Safety Technology

As the first concept on the market the n-hexane free TUN Solve® cleaner fulfils the new practical requirements, which have been excluded until now in workshop practice:

An optimal cleaning performance and a tested and reduced fire risk.

TUN Solve® is the result of intensive cooperation between the safety committee of the employer’s liability insurance associations, the Physikalisch- Technischen Bundesanstalt, and TUNAP. With TUN Solve® you fulfil the minimisation of a fire risk required by the most national work safety regulations.

  • Reduced fire risk
  • Tested Ingredients
  • The least possible hatard potential

TUN Solve® cleaning technology for maintenance, repair and assembly work. Reduced stress on the health since it is n-hexane-free. Gentle on natural resources due to use of renewable raw materials. Removes dusts, incrustations, oil, grease, resins and anti-corrosion protective coatings.

  • Lower explosion threshold > 1.5 vol%
  • No flame blowback
  • Non-flammable propellant
  • Patented Technology
  • Compatible with plastics
  • Free of n-hexane and aromatics
  • No allergy-causing fragrances (as detergents)
  • No F+ and Xi und N-Classification
  • Reduced CO2 emission

Before / After Effetcts


Human Technology® 915

Product Information                                      Material Safety Data Sheet

Human Technology® 913
Brake paste

Product Information                                      Material Safety Data Sheet

Professional 112
Brake Spray

Product Information                                      Material Safety Data Sheet