Waxoyl AG offers a comprehensive range of products for car manufacturers and Industry in general.

Waxoyl has been bringing alive the Joy of a new car for a continuously growing breed of car enthusiasits, specialists and discerning car owners since 1939. Today this Swiss brand touches millions of peoples lives in over 100 countries with age defying internal and external treatments that protect your car from fading, corrosion, stains and other onslaughts of nature protecting those joyous moments on lifes highways. This lets you relieve the “Joy of a New Car”.

Chemistry with drive.

TUNAP inspires with innovative developments and system solutions in the field of chemistry. Tunap Automotive stands for over fourty years of success and known for its outstanding quality. Tunap is respected for developing tailored solutions for improved mobility together with Industry specialists across the world.

Product range include chemical maintenance, Air conditioning cleaning system to improve airflow and Hygiene , Best of technologies to prevent deposit in the fuel system, Oil System for cleaning the engine interior to ensure perfect oil change and peak performance of your most loved car. Exhaust Gas / Intake system products to address contamination problems, Diesel Particulate Filter technology to clean instead of replacing diesel particulate filters, Valve cleaning technology to clean the valve instead of replacing. These inspired ideas are developed to ensure your car will have lasting performance.

Tunap group world wide consists of 20 companies in 18 countries

HBC Systems is a leading manufacturer of smart repair innovations, products, and services. The company is actively operating in over 80 countries across the globe. This world-class company has a ground-breaking record of operating over millions of cars, offering smart repair services. This Denmark based firm provides a range of exclusive products to give your car a showroom like finish.

HBC System takes immense pride in rendering best interior and exterior car restoration solutions. From headlight and windscreen glass restoration, to dent removal, your car’s outlook will be good as new. Restore the lost shine and glitter of your car, and let those heads turn in awe.

nanoYo is a pioneer in the field of green technology. Based, in Osaka, Japan, nanoYo is known for its state-of-the-art innovation which is in perfect sync with the environment. Also, nanoYo is recognized for the development of photo-catalytic product technology for an overall human well-being.

Technology harboured by nanoYo possesses exclusive properties which aims to create a healthy lifestyle. One can experience the joy of living in a space free from harmful bacteria, mold, organic chemical substances, and pollutants. Unusual properties generated by the photocatalystic effects, ensures a scent of freshness and acts like a natural shield to sustain a healthy environment. The self- sanitizing and self-cleaning characteristics are unique facets of the technology designed by nanoYo, Japan. One can expect a long lasting essence of a spotless environment and protection from surface bio contamination.

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